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AdLink Solutions is a full-service affiliate marketing agency that provides high performance online affiliate marketing. We have a large network of publishers and advertisers in many different industries including travel, health, technology, entertainment, automotive, finance, and many more. We provide marketing expertise and solutions to both publishers and advertisers. We ensure that publishers generate high quality leads and that advertisers can expect attractive and useful commissions. 


Do you run a blog or website and want to make a bit of extra money? Or are you a brand or business that wants to increase your online presence through advertising? If so, then you’re in the right place! Affiliate marketing continues to be a popular online marketing strategy that allows website owners to easily earn money and promote advertiser’s products and deals. AdLink Solutions can find you the right strategy to help you achieve your affiliate marketing goals. 

After an individual consultation, each of our clients finds the right affiliate marketing partners. We use the latest technology to provide you with reliable tracking for every campaign you create. Get up to date insights and information about clicks, real-time analytics, influencers, and web page views. We provide the best results for publishers and advertisers, one click at a time.

Our Services


As an advertiser, you’ll find a large selection of affiliate programs in our Affiliate Marketplace. Choose from a number of relevant websites and blogs for your products to reach exactly your target audience. In order to acquire the quality leads you need and expect, our company utilizes reputable affiliates, internal media traffic and industry relationships. We assist marketers in finding their best affiliate marketing group with accuracy on a massive scale.


As a publisher, you have access to a large number of advertisers that fit the profile of your website. You’ll be able to offer your website visitors an added value in addition to achieving higher commissions. Benefit from uncomplicated tracking, reporting and performance-oriented billing. By working with AdLink Solutions, you can expect to receive the highest payouts and the best converting offers.

Measurable Performance

By using tracking engagements, clicks, real-time analytics, impressions, and website views, AdLink Solutions tracks every aspect of a campaign’s performance. At all times, you’ll the full overview of every campaign you run, plus commissions and clicks. Together with our competent affiliate managers, we will get the most out of your campaigns.

Affiliate Marketing with AdLink Solutions

Popular Industries in Our Network

Are you looking for lucrative collaborations in the travel, automotive, finance, and technology industries? With us, you’re guaranteed to find the industry that’s the right fit for you and your online affiliate marketing needs.

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Your Benefits

Our world-class support team is by your side if you need help or for any questions or concerns that may arise. Transparency and professionalism are very important to us, so you only pay if you see the outcomes that you’re looking for. Join our growing list of global business partners and clients who have already received positive results.

Increase your ROI: Through high quality affiliate partnership from different industries.

100% transparency: Through real-time, data driven reporting and easy-to-follow tracking.

Easy application process: Through a careful selection process of advertisers and publishers.


Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Customer satisfaction and flexibility are what matter most to us. That’s why we offer different affiliate marketing billing models — because every industry has different requirements and challenges. Billing or commission models include cost per click, cost per sale, cost per action, cost per mile, a fixed bill, or a revenue share model. 

Making Your Affiliate Marketing Experience A Positive One

As an affiliate management agency we want to create the best affiliate marketing experience for our customers by making the process as easy as possible for both sides, with the objective to get the highest publisher commissions plus growing reach and leads for advertisers.

Our Platform

It’s important to us that our platform is easy to use and easily understood by both affiliate advertisers and affiliate publishers. This includes advanced tracking software and reporting capabilities, where you’ll get complete access to real-time insights and are therefore informed at all times about your sales and the status of your commission. If you’re still not completely satisfied with your results, we can help you discover new and fresh affiliate marketing opportunities that are guaranteed to increase your affiliate marketing performance and results.